o/c K6-2 450 past 500
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Thread: o/c K6-2 450 past 500

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    o/c K6-2 450 past 500

    Should I try and up the voltage past 2.6v in a quest to get up to 550mhz, and would a peltier help??

    Here's what I got:

    AMD K6-2 450 "CXT" core (2.4v model) o/c'd to 500Mhz (5x100) at 2.5v.

    Azza PT-5VMD MoBo (VIA MVP3 chipset)

    64MB PC100 SDRAM

    I've had my 450 o/c'd to 500Mhz for a about a month now and it is ROCK SOLID using only a stock (4cm total height) heatsink/fan combo. Even with this dinky cooling solution, the heatsink NEVER gets seriously hot, no matter what I through at it.

    The system is slightly unstable at 522.3 (5.5x95 at 2.6v) and won't boot up into Windows at 5.5x100 at 2.6v. Should I try and up the voltage any higher than 2.6v, and would a peltier help?

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    well I can tell you that a peltier helped me. It got me down to -11.c @ 560mhz! If you hit 500 without any extra cooling, your gonna need some to get higher. If you want a peltier and dont wanna worrie about codisation, then go here: www.3dfxcool.com ... thier 50 watts.. If you want to figure iut ways to deal with the condisation, then get like a 70watt peltier. But you are gonna also need a much bigger heatsink/fan combo. You can get an Alpha w/60mm fan for like 30 bucks here: www.coolerguys.com .. Did you say you had a CXT core?? then that should be a 2.2 volt model, the CHX cores are 2.4.. Well anyway if it is a 2.4 volt model then you should be good to 2.8 volts, and if it's a 2.2 then go no higher than 2.6.... I have had mine running at 600, but wasnt stable because of the high PCI/AGP bus speeds, but I'm working on it... good luck and have fun!!

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