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So I have two versions of SSS. One it's called SSS Professional and one Standard. I belive that SSS Standard is newer cause it's database is more recent (it compares my system w P III 500, while Pro compares it w P II 450). And now my problem: I have a Msi6163 Pro mobo and a [email protected] So SSS Pro detects my AGP Bus frq @ 61 Mhz (2x=122)while SSS Std detects AGP Bus @ 91 (fsb bus)
If so then this is the cause it freezes when i try 570 (it would mean that agp is running at 95x2=190 ). So I don't know what to belive. Wich SSS is telling the truth? What is really outstanding is that if i try 100 fsb (l2 cache disabled) then SSS Std detects my agp 2x as 200 Mhz. So maybe my agp multiplier is stucked to 1/1. In Bios setup there is no posibility to change the agp or pci multiplier.


In my mobo's bios setup, in cpu plug and play III, when I select manually the fsb for some fsbs I have 2 variants. For ex. for 100 Mhz fsb I have: 100/33 (On)
100/33 (Off)
Anyone can explain to me the meening of "On" or "Off"
Thanks in advance