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Thread: RAM

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    I am planning to get a stick of 128meg of ram... either 100 or 133...

    Any ideas where I could get it cheapest??

    Are the Generic stuff as good as the brand stuff??

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    All depends on how high you want to clock... Generic : from what my experience has been, will do 133 at cas 3.. Thats pc133... Some will do 140 cas3,3,3 . Your better ram , ie; corsair pc133 and Hsdram 133 will do 150fsb if you have the chip that will go that high. Sooooooooo / My opinion is, If your going to overclock, Now and in the Future... go with the name bran ram

    Help me get this Boot outta my azz!!!!
    Help me get this Boot outta my azz!!!!

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