This is my 100th post. I have to say something meaningful to say. First of all I love you guys sniff (holding back tears) sniff. You have helped me when I was down, and had women problems, but more importantly computer problems. Here are my favorite people out of this entire site: SWEDISHLF,STERLING AUG, JOPEY, TODAYS, SPATCH MONKEY, DUCKMAN, LORD GUMBY ,QUANTAX, NIGHT OWL, GOFFENHEIMER, DUkid, TOOLBOX, and last but not least TNproud2b(now TNProud2b!). You have enriched my life with comedy and knowledge all of you. I can't believe that this is my 100th post!! I've seen so much in the time that I was here from multiplier lock discussions to discussions on Jesus to discussions on overclockers uniting. And I have never made a post outside of the overclocking forum. All of you general people suck!!!! I'm growing up so fast. Sniff Sniff. I love you guys!!!