overclocking amd k6-3 400: how high can it fly
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Thread: overclocking amd k6-3 400: how high can it fly

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    overclocking amd k6-3 400: how high can it fly

    Basic setup: asus p5a, amd k6-3 400/2,4 v core, rain, 128 mb, asus v3200, full tower, grotesk heatsink & fans

    How much can you overclock ? I've got it to 450 mhz (4,5 * 100/ 2,6v) which is very stable. Right now it's running at 475 (4,5 *105 / 2,8v CPUmark 99 = 48,8). I have not yet found a way to get higher, though I read about guys (girls?) who got it up to 500 mhz. Anyone know how to do this ?
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    You might have hit your limmit.. These chips are very hard to O/C.. I have gotten my k6-2 450 @ 560 using a peltier and an Alpha HO heatsink. A friend of mine does however have a k6-III 400 @ 504, but it is a CTX core(2.2 volts) and is easier to cool beacuse of the lower voltage. The k6-III is harder to cool than the k6-2 because the L2 cashe is on the die, inturn making more heat. At 2.8 volts your are making alot more heat than you were at 2.4 volts, so to get further you might want to try a peltier. As always with a peltier you end up with other problems like condisation. Oh, and I do not recommend going to 2.9 volts or higher! This is only asking for your processor to go up in smoke. So check into it and have fun!
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    In my expirience ASUS SS7 boards are not very sutable for CPU-s faster then 450.

    I knowe higher CPU clock sonds beter but, if you look for power computing tray with higher FSB. 115x4 whould give you 460 and in games or graphic aplications you whuld get better results then standard 500 (100x5) k6.

    For that u need good graphic card that can handle high AGP speeds (V3 2k is the best)

    Many people had good experience with ASUS but not me.

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