366@550 .. voltage tweaks (F.Y.I)
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Thread: [email protected] .. voltage tweaks (F.Y.I)

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    [email protected] .. voltage tweaks (F.Y.I)

    6 months ago I would have scoffed at anyone talking about 'burning in' a CPU and getting better performance.. Can't give you a good reason, just did not seem sound to me..

    Now, I feel different.. I have a 366 (SL36C week 28) that I bought pre-tested to do 550 at 2.2v..
    It was real stable at 2.2 but I experimented with lower voltages to no avail..
    This is with pretty normal heat sink and Globalwin CPM Fan... Also, even at
    2.2v I could not get stability at a higher FSB, i.e.. 103 for 567...

    Now after several weeks, nothing else changed, I tried 2.1v... Rock solid..
    Bumped it up to 103, still stable as can be.. So, unless I'm overlooking some other
    variable, ( I have not knowingly changed anything else) looks like there could
    be something to 'burning in' after all..

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    My intention isn't to mock you or insult you in anyway but it's December and that might be a reason to why the chip is running cooler?

    If you're a 100% sure that burning in works then maybe I can get my Celeron 366 to push up to 600 + MHz because it runs at 550 MHz right now at 1.95 Volts.

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    Uhhh, unless he doesn't have central heat and air, I don't see why December would make a difference.

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    No offense taken toolbox... your opinion is well taken..

    I really cannot account for it.. Just thought I'd run my experience by..

    Actually my CPU temp is a little warmer, cause my puter is on 2nd floor and with the heat on to keep 1st floor at ~70 it stays closer to 80 up here...

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