AMD Temperature??????
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Thread: AMD Temperature??????

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    AMD Temperature??????

    Can anyone tell me what my K6-2 475
    temperature should be running at????
    (NOT overclocked)

    What about my motherboard Temp???
    Asus P5A.....

    I'm pulling my hair out with screen lock-ups!

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    Gamer- Not sure what a 475 should run exactly, it depends on your set-up. In general, the K6/2xxx should have a max of 60-65deg.C as recommended by AMD. Not sure about your mobo temp. My K62/450 runs @30-33C during normal use. After intense 3d gaming, it gets up to 43C. I'm running a factory heatsink/fan, 5 case fans, and Rain ver2.0 to keep it cool. I have had no problems with screen lock-ups. Get an oversize heatsink/fan like an ALPHA if your temp is to high, It will help alot. Also, you could try overclocking to 500mhz by changing your FSB to 100mhz instad of 95. You should be able to get that easily with a good heatsink and it might be more stable that way instead of the 95mhz FSB. Worth a try. Hope this helps! Good luck!!!
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