Yikes, I need to get caught up on my email. I know it seems like you're being ignored, but I assure you that I read and appreciate every single one. I've been busy playing with my BP6, working, cleaning my apartment, playing with my BP6, and cleaning my apartment. in that order. My waterblock had a minor leak a few days ago, so I disassembled the hooch cooler and retreated back to the factory heatsinks. I was planning to leave it like that for a while, but my nerves are on edge unless I'm running 600mhz or better. So I spent an entire day repairing the plumbing so I could be watercooled once more. I'm back. At 600mhz and perfect bus speeds. Silky smooth. You should see the computer they make me use at work. P133, floppy only. No CDROM. 1gig hard drive. I spend half my time watching the cursor turn into an hourglass. Then I get home and check my email with a dual CPU rig. Damn, I type too much. Can you see why I'm behind on my email replies? Somebody has to stop me, please.

Seeking sexy young ladies for possible overclocked relationship, send system specs to [email protected] only those 600mhz or faster, please.