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Thread: The best board for overclocking?

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    I agree that the ABIT is the best overclocking board out there. However the ASUS P2B-F is not bad. The only thing I wish it had was a way to change the voltage. You can tape the pins on the CPU like Kroblanx said. Tuxy, you should email me if you have anymore questions about my setup. Did you try trading RAM with a friend to see if it would work? Try to find out what kind of ram you have specificly is it PC100 or PC133, is it 10ns or 8/7ns? How many dimms do you have? Also, look at your PIII and see it you have a SL35D if you do then 600MHz should be easily reached. What happens when you try to run at 504MHz? Does it post? Does windows boot?

    Error: CPU speed is too fast.

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    No my PC runs fine at both 504 & 558. In the beginning it was simply a heat problem but I got the APLHA so it ran stable at 558 until I started playing games. 2-5 min playing and my sys. would crash. But I guess it's because the voltage decreased to 1.9V and wasn't enuf. Thats it really.

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    Why doesnt Nortek actually buy some web space?
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    Their website said "Requires Linux Distrubution based on kernel 2.4.2 or better," so I went and installed FreeBSD.

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