Two questions???
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Thread: Two questions???

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    Two questions???

    First is: Does overclocking affect SCSI devices, Have a 2940AU PCI, can I harm the card or the drives Have a Seagate HD

    Second is: Is there a heat sink that is double width with two fans that will fit a 370 chip on a sloket??

    Thanks guys, oooops and girls lol


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    I can answer the first one: When youu overclock your Front side bus IE. 105 mhz or 110 mhz. you are overclocking your whole system, not just your processor. unless you have a unlocked processor and are just changing the multiplier to a higher one.

    So yes, when you run them out of spec IE overclocking you can damage the data. As for the devices I don't know what effect it would have on them. other than maybe not lasting the time that the manufacturer says it should last

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    I think you could make an Alpha fit, just use longer bolts. Never tried it thou.


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