Celeron 366 OEM Batch#:L9150217 overclock to what?
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Thread: Celeron 366 OEM Batch#:L9150217 overclock to what?

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    Celeron 366 OEM Batch#:L9150217 overclock to what?

    G'Day All,
    I am about to purchase a Celeron 366 OEM Batch#:L9150217 for a friend with a Globalwin FDP-32 in the hopes of reaching 550 with it. Before I do buy it, I need your opinion on whether it will achieve this speed.
    I have a Celeron 366 OEM Batch#:L9150743 and it was a real ****fight getting it to 550 and it still isn't entirely reliable.
    Thanks in advance,

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    You don't want that chip. What you need to look for is the S-code SL36C from Malaysia (it'll say Malay), coupled with a number like L9380363 the 4th and 5th numbers indicating week of production, in this case L9 38 0363, with this particular chip (my new 366@550) being from week 38. The one you are looking at is week 15. I have been told for hitting 550, the best bet is with week 21 or later. I had an SL35C that would not hit 550 and boot windows even at 2.4v, and it was week 19, but again it was SL35C, and not SL36C, like the good overclocker ones. So look for SL36C, Malay, L9210000 or better.

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