Celery400@600, but 50 Degrees C
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Thread: Celery400@600, but 50 Degrees C

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    Celery400@600, but 50 Degrees C

    got a Celery PPGA 400@600 and sometimes 618, but the temperature is some 50 degrees Celsius after 15min of Q2demo. I use Titan K635T, which is 35mm high with ball bearing, but it doesn´t seem to be enough. Do U think it is dangerous for the CPU and how can I cool it better? Thanks Tom

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    What is your core voltage?

    50 sounds too high .. my cell 366@577 maxes out at about 33..

    I use a slightly oversize heatsink with a 4 inch case fan tied to it.. And I do keep the case cover off..

    I would suspect your sensor is not reporting accurately or you do not have good contact between the heat sink and fan...

    If 50 is an accurate reading, I would worry about that...
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    50c is normal(though not healthy)if you don't have a good cpu fan and overall case ventilation. When I had my Cel366@550, it use to run up to 55c. All I had was a little heatsink and ballbearing fan. So I loaded my case with fans(7), got myself a dual cpu fan and now it's down to 35c @606. I recommend you purchase a higher quality cpu cooler and don't forget the thermal paste.

    Check out 3dfxcool.com. They have a pretty good selection.

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