The Apartment maintenance guy showed up to change the air filter on the furnace. He noticed my desk in the corner of the living room. Although he thought it was cool, he mentioned something about me needing counseling. Since I didn't ask him to explain what he meant, I'll just ask you guys. Do I need help? Oh, this causes the downstairs neighbors to bang mercilessly on the ceiling when I crank it up a little. I had a few car stereo components laying around. Do you think I need to break out the fourth-order bandpass box with the two 10's? I still have 2 more amps to connect to something. This might help me get out of my lease earlier than June. It drives the neighbors dog absolutely nuts when I play a pure 10hz tone. close up view: 600 continuous watts of power+small apartment=hostile neighbors Uh, that was my monthly quota on posting images, I guess.