Is it possible to push a P3 - 550 to 124fsb?
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Thread: Is it possible to push a P3 - 550 to 124fsb?

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    Is it possible to push a P3 - 550 to 124fsb?

    I get my p3 550 up to 632Mhz at 115fsb easy. My vantec 5030 (or is it 3050?) keeps it at about 45'c under max load when running at 632mhz & 2v.

    When I boost it to 120fsb, windows boots but is very unstable and eventually crashes. I assume this is because at 120fsb, the PCI bus is at 40mhz and I have old RAM (I don't think its PC100)

    However, with my Asus P3B-F motherboard, I have an option of 124/31mhz. I assume that at this setting, my ram, HD's, AGP, PCI's etc will all be running well within normal limits, and that at this point my only obstacle is the CPU. Is this a correct assumption?

    At 124fsb it post's just fine (at 680Mhz woohoo!). I can mess around in DOS forever with no problems. But I hang when booting windows.

    What do you think my hangup could be? Temp? Voltage? Other?

    When I'm set to 124fsb, I can go into BIOS and check the CPU temp and its in the 35 ~ 40'c range (naturally, this is w/o load) I've upped my voltage as high as 2.2 but I'm afraid to go higher for fear of damaging the CPU.

    Also, if it is only my RAM that is holding me back from 120/40, will any of those "latency" settings in BIOS compensate for my slow RAM?

    Please advise!


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    From what I understand it could be 1 of 2 things... your ram.. try looking for some good PC-133 and you will have no problems with that. and the other thing, voltage which is probably at its max.. mabee 2.3 it the highest you sould go.
    I dont think the latency settings will do much.. especially if your ram is PC-66 if you try to speed it up that way then you might end up causeing yourself more problems.
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    BTW, your AGP clk is calculated from your FSB, not your PCI clk. So at 124, your AGP is at 82.6 Mhz (assuming 2/3 divider). That too, might give you trouble (depending on your vid card).

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