bios tweeking
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Thread: bios tweeking

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    bios tweeking

    ok i haev an amptron pm9900a mobo. with an award bios.. i have a udma/66 hd, but windows won't let me enable dma, and my bios only saport udma 33, .
    in the bios under udma it has auto and disabled. so it trys to set to udma mode 4 witch is udma/66 witch it can't do according to the board specs. so is this a bois prob or a mobo problem, i have heard of a programi can use to tweek bios setting that i normaly can't within the bios does anyone know of this and were i can get it.. and or any ideas..
    one more thing. under system properties i see that my maxtor hd is a ganeric typ 46, and my WD is a typ 80. what the typ mean. and i can get the dma on the WD to work even though it's older. i have looked for bios updates but to no luck. and whay doe it say ganeris.. my friends tell him it's an quantom fireball. whay does mine not say that? and please help!!! please.
    thank you
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    The program you are referring to is probably "TweakBIOS". Check your mailbox.

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