I'm not satisfied with the numbers I'm seeing on CPUmark99 and SANDRA. I can't say for sure I'm getting an accurate reading from these two benchmark apps, either. I'll start off by telling you an embarrasssing truth about my dual 624's. The CPUmark99 score is 45.5 when running Win2000 and using both processors. Pretty dismal, huh? But when I boot into Win98 the score goes up to 47 with just a single Celery. That's hard to believe. And SANDRA scores have a similar characteristic, as well. Hell, the system FEELS slower when running Win2000. I have to say something in defense of the dual CPU low scores, and that is the score of 45.5 is ALWAYS reported by CPUmark99. Even when I run several applications WHILE I'm running the benchmark program, the score is at least 45.5. It's almost as if it keeps half its power in reserve, and doesn't like to use it. Nothing slows it down, but it still doesn't seem fast. I have to set my BIOS to the MPS Version Control 1.1 setting, because Win2000 acts funny when I set it to 1.4. Win2000 supports 1.4, but I can't get it to work. Is that the reason I'm seeing low scores? because version 1.1 is less efficient at CPU utilization? Please tell me that's all it is. Hey BP6 owners! What are YOUR scores?