how to 6x86 pr200 overclocking
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Thread: how to 6x86 pr200 overclocking

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    how to 6x86 pr200 overclocking

    I have a old Cyrix 6x86 pr200 and I want to know how to overclock it. My mb is ACORP 5sis22 (sis 5571 chipset) and support up to 300 MHz (4.5x, bus 66MHz)

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    I hate to tell you this but Cyrix are bad chips for comes down to the die size....they just dont like the heat.

    I suggest that you find a cheap p 200/233 and clock it to 300....if you can manage it use a higher FSB....Better performance...I have a 233 running at 300.....4.0 clock/at 75mhz (fsb).
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