I am running into two weird things with my BP6.

First, whenever I make a change to the BIOS and I do a Save and Exit, the machine seems to hang up. the reset button does not work, nor does the power button. The only way I can get it to work again is to turn off the power supply on the back, then power it back on. It does retain my new settings though. Anyone else seen this with the BP6?

Also, I've set my multiplier to 6 and my external clock to 92, which I'm told is the correct settings to run at 550 (6*92=552). This works OK, however at boot time it tells me I am running at 522 not 552. I changed it to 94 and it is now telling me it is running at 550. Is this OK?


P.S. Everything seems to run OK at both speeds. Should I keep bumping up the External Clock until it starts acting funny?