PLEASE REPLY!!!!!! or READ ME reply to 450@500, cpu at 48.2C
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Thread: PLEASE REPLY!!!!!! or READ ME reply to [email protected], cpu at 48.2C

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    PLEASE REPLY!!!!!! or READ ME reply to [email protected], cpu at 48.2C

    ok i made a post about the AMD K62 [email protected], my cpu is running at 48.2 C right now. with a radio shack therm. please reply and tell me if it's ok..
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    48 C is ok but a little on the hot side. need to try and get it around the 30's.

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    Your fine. That temp is within AMD specs of max. temp. of 60C. It is a little warm though. What kind of heatsink are you running? If it's stock AMD, you might consider an Alpha or Globalwin to help cool things down a bit more. My stock AMD K62/[email protected] runs @ 34C most of the time and gets to 42C after several hours of 3D gaming. Also, you might consider running Rain 2.0 or Waterfall software to also help. It wouldn't hurt to leave it alone @48.2C but I would try to cool it down more. Good Luck!!! (Heatsinks/Fans) (Heatsinks/Fans)
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