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Thread: 450 PIII o/c problem...ASUS P2B-F MoBo

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    For thoses of you who said it was the RAM (superdigg) you were right. I had two 32 meg DIMMS and two 16 meg DIMMS which equaled 96. I took all of that out and put in a 64 meg DIMM that I got from work and I am able to get up to 560 MHz stable! I tried 600 and it made it to the windows 98 splash screen and locked up. I was thinking that uping the voltage using the technique superdigg mentioned would help.
    Superdigg. I can't lose the back plate because it holds the clips that hold the heat sink. I am going to cut most of it away though. Question: How did you cover the pins on you chip, superdigg, when you changed your voltage? Tape? Paint?
    Here is the best part of overclocking, My friend just bought a new PIII 500 and he was bragging about his 3DMarks score of 4726 3D, mine is now 5976!!! HA HE HE HE

    Error: CPU speed is too fast.

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    You could probably use some 3mm bolts to hold the heatsink instead. I used Nitto electricians tape to cover the pins, it isn't always so easy when you slide the cpu in the slot, sometimes it get dragged off but then you get a warning message. I have actually had the volt at 3.3V for a couple of seconds. What is's all about is actually trying, you will get it in the end. I'm really happy for you to find out what held you back from the magic 600. I have my voltage at 2.4, this is more than what is usually needed but I have an early edititon P!!! and should be quite happy to be at 600 - which I am - but I'm going to try for 630 with a peltier and when I can get my hands on an i820 board that I know works great. Good luck with your journey to the big numbers, and go buy some PC133 RAM

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