question about OC P3 500
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Thread: question about OC P3 500

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    question about OC P3 500

    i have a P3 500mhz and i was wondering how much i can overclock till i need to boost the Vcore. i am using a SOYO SY-6VBA133 board.

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    Sterling_Aug Guest
    Try it and find out for yourself. It won't hurt anything.

    Every system is different, so no one can predict how high your system will go until you try it.

    I would guess up to 624 MHz should be possible with proper cooling.

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    i have the same board and the same prozessor, with Pc133 Ram 128MB, i installed 3 blowing engines (!) dismounted the **** intel cooler and mounted my "own construction" with on cooler from above and two from inside my midi-tower, i brought the machine up to 5x133 Mhz =665Mhz, it runs stable and testet it over some time, the only problem i got, was in quake3, the game looks up initialisiesing the graphic board, but at 124x5 Mhz=620Mhz there are absolutly no more problems, so iŽll try another configuration with the coolers and then it WILL WORK FULL at 665Mhz.

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    What is the CPU number? SL37D? That's what I have.....

    PIII 650@806
    PC133 128MB ECC
    ABIT BE6
    TNT2 Ultra
    WD SCSI2 10K 5.2ms 18.3G
    Vortex2 w/ digital out
    Sony MHC-5500 Digital Signal Processer - 30 equalizers and Dynamic Sound

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