I Have a ABit BP2 and 2 C433... How do i keep it cool?
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Thread: I Have a ABit BP2 and 2 C433... How do i keep it cool?

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    I Have a ABit BP2 and 2 C433... How do i keep it cool?

    I haverecently purchased a ABit BP2 and 2 Celeron 433's. I am going to overclock them (as you do), but am worried about melting my CPUs. What methods of cooling should I use. I currently am using normal CPU fans (1 on each), will that be enough?

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    I know you meant the BP6. I have stock cooling on my 366@561 on one chip and to help the other along I have an FEP-32 on the other. (It was a little weaker). Just make sure you have good airflow in the case and all the cables tied up. The Alpha is the best heatsink for the job. It has a better rating than the FEP-32. The FDP-32 is toooo big for your board.

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    The Alpha socket heatsinks will fit on the BP-6 IF YOU CAREFULLY PUSH THE CAPACITORS OUT OF THE WAY ABOUT 1/16".

    I have dual C366's running 573 MHz with the Alphas and YS Tech 27cfm fans.

    I added two 108cfm case fans for EXTRA airflow. Now all I have to do is figure out where all of those airplanes are that I hear (oh yea, it is my case fans taking off!).

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    NO need to bend anything, cuz' the Alpha is really well fit in any socket on any motherboard. I have two alphas on my bp6 and fits perfectly.

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    I had to bend the metal lever that releases the CPU just a bit for the Alpha to fit, but after that everything went smooth.

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