Okay, I have a water cooled peltier, and I decided to go for broke, I reflashed my bh6 and put 5 large blocks of ice in the watertank. My guess is about 40 deg F. I cannot boot into windows at 558 for the life of me. I tried all the way up to 2.6v, then at 2.7 it turned off in the middle of boot up. if I turn off the L2 Cache on my processor, (a cely 300a) I can almost get there before it hangs. And if I use sfsb when I enter windows, at 2.6v, I can use 558 for about 5 minutes before it crashes. Any suggestions? Should I buy more peltiers and just supercool the Sh*t out of it? Or is this the limit?

Also, I'm upgrading too, I'm thinking of a GEforce 256 (not sure) and instead of my BH6, a BF6, and if I can talk anyone into chipping in a new processor and some 133 sdram...... Any help is appreciated, and I'd like to keep it under $500 otherwise I'd hit up an Athlon!