O/C AMD K6-3 on EPoX MVP3G5
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Thread: O/C AMD K6-3 on EPoX MVP3G5

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    O/C AMD K6-3 on EPoX MVP3G5

    Have anyone o/c a K6-3 450 to 500mhz using 112 FSB??

    Anything goes wrong??
    Hard Drive corruption??
    What dividers did anyone use for PCI and AGP?

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    I tried 112mhz on a K6-3 400--448mhz,well it seemed to work great for a little while,then massive errors,blue screens,and lost data.so I upped voltage and tried 100 x 4.5 multiplier,450 and its still running,I guess the PCI\AGP didn't like it,although the processor probably was ok.

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    I just gutted an old Pentium 75 that I had O/Ced to 120. I installed an FIC VA503+ M/B using 64MB EDO SIMM memory (2 - 8*32). I got it running at both 112*4 and 112*4.5 with a K6-3 450 which results in 448 and 504 MHZ. I must tell you that I was lucky that I got an O/Cable K6-III 450. I did not change any of the dividers. I am not sure if there is any ability to change them in the BIOS. This is a stripped down system at the present with only an old 256K ISA video card and PCI 10/100 NIC. I will fininsh building it up tonight but I do not expect to see any problems. BTW the CPU is set to 2.5 V with a massive 60*60MM heat sink that is 20% LARGER than the surface of the CPU. I expect that I may have power supply problems give that it is only 230 W and I have 5 (soon to be 6) drives in the system!

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    thats funny, a fsb speed of 112 mhz only puts the pci clock out 4 mhz and should not affect ant periffs.. Maybe with a crapper vidio card or HD, but with good hardware you should have no problems with 112. I have a k6-2 450@504(4.5x112)2.7 volts.. you will have to up the core voltage to 2.6 or 2.7 to do this though. So make sure you keep her cool!(under 40.c is good) Good Luck!

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    I can run my K6-III-450 with GA-5AX mobo reliably at 450MHz (2.4v), 473MHz (2.4v), 495MHz (2.5v), and 500MHz (2.5v). It post the best benchmarks at 495Mhz (4.5x110FSB). I have a Voodoo3 2000 video card and an IBM 22GXP hard drive. Everthing works fine. Before the IBM 22GXP, I fried two old WD Caviar 31600 hard drives at the 110MHz FSB. They were terribly slow compared to the new drive anyway.


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