ok, this is the problem...(a newbe question)
i have an ABIT BX6 r2 Celeron 366 ppga
128mb PC100 and a monster Heat sink/fan combo and it will go into windows 98 SE and run great but when i reboot, it says the "CPU is unworkable you need to go into Softmenu and change it" if i hit F1 and continue it sets it back to a 366...Whats up?

these are the settings i'm using!!
ext. clock (pci)= 83mhz (1/2)
multiplier factor = x5.5
SEL100/66# signal = high
apgclk/cpuclk = 2/3
L2 cache latency = default
speed errorhold = enabled
cpu power supply = user define
core volts = 2.20v