50 Mhz AGP Speed??
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Thread: 50 Mhz AGP Speed??

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    50 Mhz AGP Speed??


    I'm confused as to why my AGP speed is only 50 Mhz when I set the FSB at 75 Mhz...I see this result when I use SiSoft Sandra...Correct me if I'm wrong but am I supposed to get a 75 Mhz AGP speed, the same as the FSB...I'm using an ASUS P2B-F mobo and I'm trying out a Celeron 466@525.

    Any suggestions since this will therefore underclock the AGP bus and lower the speed of my video card....

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    cuz' the FSB/AGP ratio is set to 2/3. i.e. (75Mhz x 2) / 3 = 50Mhz. Check your BIOS, you can set it to FSB/AGP = 1/1. However, you will then boost your AGP to 75Mhz, which is ok i guess.. mind you the optimal speed for AGP is 66Mhz. Setting yout FSB to 66 (AGP Ratio 1/1) or 100 (AGP Ratio 2/3) will run AGP at optimal speed.

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