Fan rpm on a BE6?
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Thread: Fan rpm on a BE6?

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    Batmann Guest

    Fan rpm on a BE6?

    My BE6 came with this silly Hardware Doctor v2.10 program. It has two "fan speed" bars, that are supposed to show the speed in RPM. However, they just say "fan off". What do I have to do to make 'em show the fan speed?

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    How many wires do your fans have? You have to be using the fans with the third wire as an RPM reader.
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    I have the same problem on my BX6.2 It says my fans are off because they are!!! When I open Hardware Doc the fan on my cpu shuts off. I had tried it with 4 or 5 fans. Maybe yours is boing the samething Run it with the case off and check. I always had to reboot to get the fan to restart. Needless to say I dont use it anymore.

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    Batmann Guest
    I'm using a 3Dfxcool fan with three cables on the Celly. It's connected to the prosessor fan plug on the BE6, but it still won't show the RPM. Wether the case is on or off makes no difference here, it runs all the time. Damn noisy running too... :-)
    Thanks anyway.

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