100MHz to 66MHz?
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Thread: 100MHz to 66MHz?

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    100MHz to 66MHz?

    Following problem: my old soyo sockel 7 mainboard doesn't support 100MHz FSB. The fastest processor upgrade would be an 366MHz
    I thought about buying a k6-2 400 to underclock it:
    1. from 100MHZ to 66MHz FSB and
    2. from 400MHz to 366MHZ.
    Is that possible ?? Can you underclock
    a processor who is actually meant to function with 100MHz FSB with 66MHz? Maybe any problems with the stability ? Would be
    thankful for an answer.

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    YES!!! I ran an AMD K6-2 400 on a 66mhz socket7 board while waiting for the 100mhz board to arrive. Actually its pretty fast even on a 66mhz bus. I had no problems. PS, the K6-2 350 was sold in 66mhz and 100mhz varieties. The 66mhz units are very scarce, but would make an ideal upgrade for that 66mhz board. I think companies like Evergreen Technologies buy the 66mhz 350's to use on their "upgrade chips".

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    The AMD underclock well. I've heard several instances of people underclocking their processors to a 66 MHz bus.

    I also did figure out that Intel processors do this too. Pretty well in fact, stable as a rock. I have a Pentium III 450 that went down to 300 MHz on an Abit board. I did it for fun of course.

    Underclock your chip for now until you find the right motherboard. When you do, then overclock the hell out of it!

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