fdb & fsb - say what?
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Thread: fdb & fsb - say what?

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    fdb & fsb - say what?

    What are fdb and fsb?
    If anyone could explain a bit these terms, I'd be more than grateful.



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    FDB? hmmm Im not sure what the hell that is myself but I do know what FSB means.
    FSB is short for Front Side Bus, it's used for overclocking most proccessors. For example, normal Celeron's run on a 66MHz FSB and people simply up it to say 88MHz, this results in the proccessor to run at a higher speed that it was originally supposed to. FSB determines a proccessors speed, for example: 4.5 (clock multiplier) X 133MHz FSB = 600MHz. Hope that helps you.
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    Erm..."Floating-point Divide Bug"? (aka FDIV)? "Floppy Disk Backup'"? Maybe "Future Domain B***" something-or-other?

    Haven't actually come across those initials before. Out of context, they could mean just about anything! If you say in which context you came across them, someone will explain the problem away, I'm sure! Good luck!
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