trying to connect non-ATX case to ATX motherboard
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Thread: trying to connect non-ATX case to ATX motherboard

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    trying to connect non-ATX case to ATX motherboard

    I am trying to connect an ATX motherboard, but am having problems getting it to do anything at all. I want to get bleep codes out to see what is wrong but the speaker/ fan connectors on the case are older non-ATX. Does anyone know if there is an adaptor that will connect my speaker/ fan plugs into the motherboard, or do I need an ATX case ?

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    Do you already have it connected? I figure the most difficult part there is getting the AT plug into the ATX Motherboard. Once you've gone past that, then there is the matter of all the little wires that go into motherboard that sets power on, standby and stuff like that?

    The beeping problem is something I don't know right now! I have it saved somewhere, when I fond it, you'll be the first to know!

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    I'm guessing you have one of those cool "hybrid" ATX boards that have both styles of
    PSU connector(or you put ATX PSU in case?).
    Otherwise speaker/led/button connectors all seem to have the same spacing for pins,they should work.Try flipping connectors end over
    end to reverse polarity maybe,but if its not
    posting then AT case would be least likely suspect.
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    A couple beers already TNproud2b???

    I would think you would at least wait till you went to the 'puter show over at the expo this
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