How overclockable is PIII-450
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Thread: How overclockable is PIII-450

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    How overclockable is PIII-450

    If I buy a PIII-450 how much of a chance do I have of being able to overclock to 558MHZ.
    Is there any serial # that I need to look out for before buying. thanks...

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    Goto and then click on the CPU database. You can choose the CPU you want and how you want it PIII450 by overclock speed or by batch number, etc... it's easier to go here and see what success people get with what chips. Let me know if this help.

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    I dont know any stats. I got one about 2 months ago, and a Abit BX6-2. Ran it at 450 for about a week. Then bumped it up to 558. Same heatsink and fan that came with it, and same core voltage. It runs very steady at 558, 2.0 volts. I play ALOT of games, usually for more than a hour at a time. I have alost looped the 3DMARK demo about 7 times before. No problems at all.

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