PIII450 SL35D -> 600?
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Thread: PIII450 SL35D -> 600?

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    PIII450 SL35D -> 600?

    i have an ABIT BH6 motherboard, which has an maximum external clock speed of 133 mhz. I'm going to buy an SL35D processor and overclock it to 600 mhz and was wondering will it overclock to 600 mhz, i have 128 MB of PC100 memory, or do i need to buy a new motherboard which supports PC133 memory?

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    You might be able to run your RAM at 133 (if it is high quality RAM). It might be better getting a new board to support PC133+ but that's only if your RAM can do 133. I have a BE6 and my PIII450 runs @ 600 fine @ 2.0v (I have additional blowholes and one case fan + cooler though.)
    But if you do want a new board get a BE6 or BE6 II, or even better yet, a BF6.
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