Problem O/C PII333@500 - Voltage Related?
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Thread: Problem O/C PII333@500 - Voltage Related?

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    Problem O/C PII333@500 - Voltage Related?


    I've O/C'd my PII333 to 400 without a hitch, but when I try for 500, nothing happens..just a black screen (no video output).

    I've got an ASUS P3b-f, so changing the voltage should be no's at 2.00 now. Will that solve the prob..and if so, what's a reasonably safe increase range.


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    Sounds like you have a pre-august 98' chip, with a limited, rather than locked, multiplier. I've got a couple of those chips, and only one would ever do 4x112 for 448. Most of them will run 412 (4x103) or 400 with decent cooling.

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    Well, the CPU was bought August of last year...though the multiplier was set at 5.0 originally...

    I'll try getting it up to 450...worst I could do is have to buy a celey after I burn something out.

    Anyone have any exp with a GlobalWin Vek-32?
    Is it a good heatsink/fan combo?

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