K6-3 o/c & benchmark scores
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Thread: K6-3 o/c & benchmark scores

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    K6-3 o/c & benchmark scores

    Hey K6-3 users, maybe you guys could help me... How high has anyone overclocked their k6-3 to? Also what kinda of cooling are you guys using? Right now I'm using my 450 @450 with a regular heatsink/fan & a powersupply fan and the CPU is running at 63 degrees celsius/140 F under gaming... 60 or so during idle. I know thats high, I'm intending to get a case fan soon... my fury & voodoo2 are making it hot in there... but if the chip is that hot without overclocking, how can it be overclocked without damaging it? (I mean other than sticking your computer into your freezer) Also, what kinda benchmarks are you guys getting? (ie: Sandra/3DMark) Anybody else with a Rage Fury/K6-3 combo? oh yeah, I'm using a DFI K6VB3+ motherboard(VIA MVP3 chipset with 1MB L3)/128MB PC100
    I've seen a P3-450 with a rage fury run NHL 2000 just baby smooth, but with my system, its kinda choppy sometimes... wierd, I thought they were comparable systems... Any comments?

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    and 1 more thing... in Sandra, under "Mainboard Information", what does it say for you guys under "Memory Bus Speed"
    I just noticed now that it says 67Mhz... yes bells are ringing off in my head... it should say 100Mhz shouldnt it? let me know, so I can pull those dimms outta there and test which one or whether both are running at PC66 or PC100... does it make a large difference if they are PC66 instead of PC100?

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    well first of all, 60.c at idle is very, very bad! I think 60.c is the limmit for the K6-III.. the k6-2 is 70.c.... Before you do anything, go to www.coolerguys.com and get an Alpha kit... It comes with a alpah sink, 60mm fan and grease.. Its like 28 bucks but it will be worth it... then when you get it installed, your temp should be cut in half.. my k6-2 450@504(2.8 volts) idles at 25.c and never tops 30.c.... another good trick is to goto radio shack and get a case fan, and a brushless blower.. the blower fan kinda looks like a snail shell, and has a side inlet.. there like 10 bucks.. this droped my cpu temp 8.c and my system temp 5.c.. just mount it so it blows under the mobo and accoss the sink/fan. It works great! With this you should be able to get into the 30's too.. and maybe get yours to 500, or 504... Good luck!

    ***remember cooler is better***
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    Hey thanks for the tip AMD... well turns out I got the CPU temp a little lower... and I figured out my memory bus speed problem... there was a sticker on my CPU that was interfering with the heatsink's effectiveness, so I removed it and now the CPU is at 47C idle with the side of the case removed... I will be getting a case fan next week so that way I can put the side of my case back on and still be running at around 47C... the memory bus prob was a jumper that was set to PC66 instead of PC100.. so I changed that and all is gooooood... I will also look into getting a good CPU cooler... AMD, have you heard of anyone o/c their K6-3 450 to 500? I've heard that it's very difficult to do so.

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    How well do those thermoelectric coolers work? (called peilters or somethin like that) How much are they and are they worth the extra $$$?

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    The best heatsink to get is the Global Win FDP-32 if you have the space. You must make sure that you have at least a half inch or so around your cpu of free space though. This is a HUGE heatsink. It is rated better than the alpha and is about $8 cheaper. 3DFX cooler I believe also has a retrofit of this with a larger fan that has even better performance. No idea on the price of that one. Another heatsink option is the Global Win FEP-32 which is a little smaller and cheaper than the FDP so that it fits most MB's. Peltier coolers are probably not something you want to get into without a lot of expertice. They usually will require a second power supply to work effectively.
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    You asked for some benchmarks, so here is the only one I have- CPUmark99: 47.5

    My system:

    K6-III 400 (not overclocked)
    FIC 503+ mb w/ 1 meg cache
    128 meg PC100
    10.2 gig 7200 rpm UltraDMA66 HD w/ 2 meg cache
    Vodoo3 2000 (not overclocked)

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