wiring dual power supplies???
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Thread: wiring dual power supplies???

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    wiring dual power supplies???

    I just hooked me up a peltier, that I got from Tom Leufkins, whom I might add does great work and has very quick service, I am worried about my power though, because I typically have 4 case fans, I took out all but one just to be safe. I have a 300W supply running a bh6 cely 300a 2 hard drives, 1 SCSI 1 IDE, and 2 cdrom drives, 1 SCSI 1 IDE. So my question is if it is necessary, how do I wire another power supply to start when I flip the switch? (Or rather push the button) Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    This page has some instructions on how to run two power supplies together. I'm not sure if it might just be so that the power switch turns both on, but I didn't look too closely. Here's the address.

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