well... I made it, with help of the peltier, I'm typin at 675 wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bout time... thanx for all the replys to my previous posts... as soon as i figure how to print from my keyboard I'll post specs from wcpuid and sisoft... When i hit copy on wcpuid nothin happens/ and i dont see any print thingy for sisoft.. go figure... Basic specs =
asus p3b-f / corsair 133 128mb at cas 3 /
1 peltier run from seperate power supply / alpha heatsink... temp at present = with rain runnin... -9f mobo = 73 f /PCI video = diamond viper v550 / soundblaster live value / modem/ ata 66 controller { promise }
lottsa cooling conventinal tho...thats bout it... oh chip = sl37c with 3.6 N's nec cache... by the way level 2 is ON... set at 8 / default and 2.2 volts / altho mb monitor says 2.45v again from what i learned by reading and posting here and on overclockers is the only way i got here >>> thanx