Are c366 rare nowadays?
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Thread: Are c366 rare nowadays?

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    Are c366 rare nowadays?

    I was curious if the celerons they make now are just as over clockable as the ones that are being talked about?If they still are , what is the best motherboard to overclock it with and how much are they ?
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    You can find 366s everywhere. I bought two within the last couple of months. Who knows how long it will last though. has them for under $50 I got a OEM week 28 from them that does 577 Mhz after lapping at 2.15v I just bought a pretested one from these guys last week that post to win 98 at 616 Mhz! Retail week 20. It was $100 dollars though

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    They are becoming more and more scarce but if you look around a bit you'll still find them in several online shops.

    Most of them in the 366 @ 550 MHz format.


    It'll come bundled with an Abit BE6 Motherboard!

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