Overclocking and AMD k6-450
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Thread: Overclocking and AMD k6-450

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    Overclocking and AMD k6-450

    Has anyone here overclocked an AMD K6-3 450 successfully? I have tried overclocking it to 475 but it crashes..Would appreciate it if you can write down the steps on how you accomplish the overclocking.


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    Well it all depends on the quality of chip you use:

    I'm able to run mine @ 475 (95X5) @ 2.4V without any problems whatsoever. Others can run theirs at 500 and 504MHz (112X4.5) even without any voltage bumps, however I can't do that. Some may not be able to overclock theirs at all, but unfortunately if you can't even reach 475, you are most likely to be one of them.


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    Try more cooling.
    1/ RAIN(software).
    2/ Cover OFF Computer.
    3/ Get the BIGGEST cpu fan/heatsink combo you can fit in.
    4/ Put another fan,(old or new fan that comes with power-supplies is good),and place it about 2"(inches) in front of the cpu fan.Get power for it from the chassy fan plug on your motherboard.
    5/ Keep trying !!!.....

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