overclocking p3 450
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Thread: overclocking p3 450

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    overclocking p3 450

    hi i have a pentium 3 450 on a iwill bd100 plus motherboard, 128 mb of ram, 10.2gig harddrive and a voodoo3 2000

    at the moment ive taken the cpu fan off my pentium 75 cpu and i put it on the heatsink on the voodoo. i dont know how high i should overclock it so i put it up to 160MHz. could someone please tell me how high i could go?

    i have overclocked the cpu to 495MHz and i am planning to put it up higher. could u guys please give me some tips and warnings so i dont stuff anything up. would there be any problems with the ram,hd,voodoo etc..


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    I'm running my PIII 450 at 558MHz on a Abit BX6 2.0, 128mgs Micron PC100, Voodoo3 3000 o/c to 180MHz. No problems.
    I bought a retail PIII but removed the stock heatsink/fan and replaced with a Tennamax P3 dual fan cooler.
    Cooling is a must!
    I would try for 600MHz but I need PC133 RAM and my Abit has buffers that will not allow it to work. Will need new MB like a BH6.
    Good Luck,

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    You won't burn anything out, so that's not a worry. You may corrupt the drivers (I've done that and the only way to get them back is to remove the dll's from the system folder and reinstall. A plain reinstall won't nec. work.

    OTOH - the 2k should do about 180+ without too much strain - but that's with a standard pci speed (33mhz) if you o/c, then you'll have to clock it back proportionally. i.e. I had a 2k @180+ with fsb 100 (pci is at 33). When I o/c to 110 (pci is 10% faster) I had to clock the 2k back 10% - @160+

    Funny hw that works out
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