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Thread: What Cooling Device For Overclocking AMD K6-2 350 to 500MHz ?

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    On my very first attempt on putting my computer together, I had set my brand new mobo and AMD K6-2/350 at 3.3v... I tried starting it up once and it didn't boot.
    Heh oops.

    It's a good thing, now 4 months since, it hasn't had any ill effect on my CPU. Needless to say it's been at default 2.2v... and running at 400MHz with no problems.

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    Failing to overclock to 450Mhz or 500Mhz using 350Mhz K6-II has nothing to do with heat. K6-II are not overclock friendly like 366 or 400Mhz celerons.

    I can only overclock my 350Mhz to 400Mhz and not beyond even with all the fancy coolers in the world.

    I have now a BP6 with two 400Mhz celerons easily overclocked to 558Mhz each with a standard fan/heatsink...

    A BP6 and two 400Mhz celerons for $284.00...not bad...



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    link to info on the best k6-2 cooler out there, its huge but will cool ur cpu with great results, my 400 is at 450 and NEVER has crashed, got to 472 without any problems and 500 would crash only under heavy quake 3 benchmarking. u can buy the cooler for $19 at memman.com

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    I have been running my K6-2 350 @ 448 (4*112/2.7v) for the last month and a bit with a slighly modified heatsink/fan and no probs at all..

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    Hey, I have had Problems underclocking AMD K6-2 300's at 250Mhz (83Mhz FSB). WinNT and LINUX are ok, but will Win9x start?...Hell no...

    And, if I wanted to OC my K6-2 300 to 450 or so MHz, the only cooling I would recommend is liquid nitrogen. I will believe anyone if they tell me they overclock by 50Mhz on a 300Mhz+ CPU...but 150Mhz?
    You are nuts. The cooling equipment, and the early replacement of the CPU you will undoubtedly be forced to do will be more expensive than a Dual PIII 450 system...
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