Right now I have a amd k6-2 333@380. I am

having trouble with 400 its just too darn

hot. So I want to start looking for a new

mobo. I will probably get another k6-2 or

maybe a k6-3. Definately 450+ mhz. I saw

something about a 500mhz k6-2 on the amd

site.(Is 500 the limit on k6-2s?) I am

leaning towards that although I haven't

actually seen it yet. I want it to have fsb

settings greater than 100. At least 3 dimm

sockets. I have a generic mobo in a

standard IBM case(Aptiva). The new mobo has

to fit as I don't want to mess around with

another case if I don't have to. Any

comments, help, sites will be greatly

appreciated. Also is it difficult to change

a mobo?