PII 300 SL2W8
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Thread: PII 300 SL2W8

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    PII 300 SL2W8

    1)How far can you overclocked this cpu on an LX/EX Chipset?it is a HOFT637A by Shuttle
    2)I heard the cpu are acutally PII 450 it this true?
    3)Does any one now up to mhz is safe to overclock a Voodoo2 with require a fan for this card?


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    1. NO!

    2. Yes it is true... the SL2W8 is a Pentium II 450 underclocked to 66 MHz. Now, you can't overclock it to 450 with your current motherboard. You'll have to get a board with the BX chipset so you can set the processor to 4.5 x 100. You'll need a board that has an FSB of 100 MHz. I suggest you get the Asus P2B-F, Abit BE6 or an Abit BX6 Revison 2.0. DO NOT, AND I MEAN DO NOT get an Asus P3B-F.

    3. 92 MHz with a fan already built in. Without a fan, maybe 87 MHz???

    Good Luck!

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