O/C P3 450 and 500
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Thread: O/C P3 450 and 500

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    O/C P3 450 and 500

    I will be purchasing a new CPU soon, and I was wondering what speeds you guys were getting over clocking P3 450's and 500's. What are the best stable speeds ya'll come up with?

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    i have a PIII450 week 28 running at 558mhz for about a week now with no problems. I haven't tried to go any higher because i only have generic pc100 and the standard heat sink/fan. I will be getting an alpha cooler and ram (if it ever goes down in price again!!). It's running on a Abit BE6 at 2.0v. I imagine with the ram and cooler I could get higher, but it's stable here and kicks so I might now screw with it..

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