P3 450 Overclocking 558 won't work
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Thread: P3 450 Overclocking 558 won't work

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    P3 450 Overclocking 558 won't work

    Hey I just got a P3 450. I tried to overclocking and it works stable with 112. bus speed thats 504 mhz. I want to go to 124 but when I do that nothing boots up. No bios or anything. After I restart it a couple times it resets my speed and brings me back to 450. I was wondering if my processor couldn't handle that speed or my ram. If anybody give me a sugestion that would be great. Thanks

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    what type of memory do u have... can you change the voltage ? What type of mobo ??
    Help me get this Boot outta my azz!!!!

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