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Thread: System Temperature

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    System Temperature

    I have an Antec Full Tower Case. The Case is about 3' tall and about 2' deep. It has dual 4" cooling fans above the power supply in the back, and a single 3" fan in the front. I believe the power supply is sucking air out the back, instead of pulling it in. There is also an Alpha PIII cooler and a 3dfx Video Freezer inside, but I don't think these will afect the air flow too much. My question is, should I set the back fans to pull air in, and the front fan to push it out, or vice versa? Anyone with a similar setup who has some info would be helpful.

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    I have a chenbro full tower wit the power supply blowing air out and two fans on the top and one at the front blowing air in. Thats comination gave me the lowest temperature.
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    I have an Inwin Q550a , A 120mm fan/ ac.. sucking air in at bottom, 2 80mm fans pulling air out... 1 behind the cpu/ 1 above the power supply. Plus thw ps... { pc cooling 300atx...I also have a 80mm attached to mobo, pushing at cpu,an alpha p3 on cpu. its a loud case/ puter/ but 87 fairinheit is the cpu taken from diode... thats a p3-450 runnin at 600 works for me... by the way/ thats with mobo temp of 77 farinheiht.
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    The powersupply fan MUST blow out, the powersupply gets hot so otherwise you'd be pulling hot air in.

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