At what speed a P III 500 can go?
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Thread: At what speed a P III 500 can go?

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    V3000&P[email protected]? Guest

    At what speed a P III 500 can go?

    At what speed a P III can go?

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    I wanna know how all you new Junior Members make all these really cool usernames?

    The last guy I asked didn't e-mail me and tell me how! I hope you can help me! PLEASE!

    As for the PIII 500, with good cooling you can get plus or minus 600 MHz.

    There, I helped you now you tell me... how'd you got the superscripts on your username?

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    Toolbox..I presume you are talking about the little "3" on jis user name. If you are using Win95 or 98 you can find alot of useful little symbols in the such as "" is Alt+0+2+2+2 "" is Alt+0+1+5+7 "" is Alt+1+5 "" is Alt+0+1+7+9 anyway there are alot more, you can find them in the character map for all of them.
    Sorry V3000&p[email protected]? , I can not help you as I am still trying to find out the same myself.

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    Mine runs at 600. It will run at 610 but not at 620, so I figure be safe.

    Here's something I do for typing in messages, especially longer one. I type them up using Word. That way I can run a spell check on them faster than checking it myself, and it also gives me fast access to symbols. The only ones I've used so far are fractions, and Word converts them automatically from 1/2 to . It doesn't matter what the text looks like (font name, size) when you type it in Word because it all gets converted to this kind of plain text. Just type what you want, select it all, copy it to the clipboard, then paste it in here.

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    The speed you can attain depends on the capability of your individual chip, the speed of your L2 cache, your cooling, bus speeds available on your motherboard, and voltage.

    The only way to find out is to run extensive testing on your chip.

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