I have all the parts in to assemble my first custom computer minus the processor. I want to overclock it to a point where it is very stable. Here are my guts of it.

Abit BE6 mobo
AHA-3950U2 SCSI card
Quantum Atlas 10k ultra 160 hd
Diamond Viper V770 32MB Ultra TNT-2 4X agp
Pionieer DVD-103S Atapi DVD drive
LS-120 floppy
Micron PC-133 128MB x 2 memory
Sound Blaster Live Value
USR 56k V.90 internal modem (not winmodem)

Now I need the processor, but I need one that is stable beyond 600MHz for o/c. Also does anyone know how well my setup will handle overclocking. This will be my first attempt at o/c so I want to do it right

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