how to test stability
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Thread: how to test stability

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    how to test stability

    Hi there,

    I'm building a system and want to give it a good test/workout. What programs do I use?
    I need something cpu intensive but not quake or something like that because right now there's a ****ty old isa vga card inside.



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    Despite people using Prime95 and other programs which simply run your CPU at 100%, I have a few tricks which can crash a lot of machines.
    Open a large MPEG file in Media Player. In windowed mode, place the window in the upper left corner. Now stretch the lower right corner to the to lower right corner of your screen, then scruntch it, stretch, and repeat VERY fast. Also, keep it windowed to about 1/4 screen and move it around the screen alot really fast.
    I don't think this tests your thermal handling like a Prime95 torture test would, but it still seems to crash otherwise stabily overclocked (and sometimes not overclocked) systems.
    Also, my comp usually NEVER crashes in the middle of any constant CPU burden like inside a game or Prime95. It crashes as a program opens, closes, or does some other similar task.

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    Try this:
    CPU Stability Test

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    To check out my Abit/Celeron OC'd combo, my buddy ran Business Winstone loops for about 20 hours. Passed with flying colors.

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