MC2000 and memory probs?
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Thread: MC2000 and memory probs?

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    MC2000 and memory probs?

    Does anyone out there have a MC2000 with a BE6 mobo? If so, do the fans block memory sockets. I'm planing on buying one but will ditch it if it does...the price over there is a little high for not being able to use all the memory sockets.
    Or can I buy alternative 60mm fans that are thinner and quieter. I enjoy the sound of the SB live card and don't want to listen to a loud computer. There is no hardware store in my town where I can them so I would need a online link that has detailed specs on the fans.

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    I'd ask swifttech about that--they have tested their products with just about every motherboard under the sun, so they should have the info you need.

    I wouldn't reccomend changing the fans on your system--that might adversely effect the cooling potential of the MC2000, plus only add to the cost of it if you have to buy four more fans to append it.


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    You might be able to use just one 120mm fan instead of 4 60mm fans. Panaflow make a quiet 120mm fan - noise 35Decibels, 70 cubic foot per min. Not used these myself but several people spoke highly of them on another discussion board, with regard to them been very quite. No idea how deep they are.

    Thats a lot less air than the mc2000's own fans which move 132cfm. It needs a lot of air because you've got 3 heat sources.

    I reckon it measures 5" * 5" * 2 3/4" inches.
    That includes the fans

    That should give you a rough guide to figure out if it will fit. are a highly regarded source of coolers.

    I think you can get the panaflow's from
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