Overclock Abit BX6 2, PII400 ?
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Thread: Overclock Abit BX6 2, PII400 ?

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    Overclock Abit BX6 2, PII400 ?

    Can anyone give me a hint how to overclock my PII 400 on abit BX6 2 motherboard,how will a put the settings in BIOS. Thank´s.

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    first off disable the speed error hold fuction this will stop a cpu from booting at speed other than the intel spec...then try stepping up the speed a little at a time like the 103mhz is a gimme...try the 112 for 448 that it should do easy...then go from there it depends on how psyco u wanna cool it and how good the chips...if it doesn't do 448 right away run 412 at 2.3 volts for a week or so and burn it in then try for more.

    cpu are not created equal it's really a hit and miss thing...

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